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Scrimping and saving: school supplies edition

It can be a real struggle to keep yourself funded in college. You’re working part time, maybe even full time, studying like crazy and trying to save money, but getting wiped out every year when it comes to buying your supplies for classes and for your dorm or apartment. Never Fear, Girls! We’re going to teach you a few tricks for making your money go that much further this school year.


-scavenge during move-out week:

Yes, we know, our first tip technically comes at the end of the year. But if you’re mid-semester now, this is the most important one to follow! Move-out week is a treasure trove for those who take the time to scavenge. Look around campus for drop-off points where lazy students discard books, appliances, and kitchen supplies they didn’t want to bring home. You can find all your summer reads this way. And, if you don’t actually want a book, bring it back to the campus bookstore and see if you can sell it back for cash!

This is a super way to make extra money going into the next year. We’ve found fridges, toasters, pots and pans, and every other kind of kitchen gear, not to mention lamps, book cases, and even printers! So, make some time during finals week to scavenge around campus dorms and sidewalks by student apartments.


-re-sell books at the end of the year, both your and scavenged editions:

Even if you don’t have time to scavenge extra books, you should at the very least sell back all your own textbooks. Don’t expect to get the full price back, but you should easily get 50% back or more.


-don’t buy books you won’t keep:

One way to save money up front is to just not buy a book you don’t think you’ll keep or reread. If it’s a textbook that’s specific to a course, you probably won’t go back to it. Share with a friend or look for copies on reserve at your school library. If it’s a novel you think you’ll keep enjoying for years, buy it.


-always go to Goodwill or other shops for kitchen gadgets, cutlery, etc. :

You’re a college student, not an adult starting a household. You should never have to buy new dishes, cutlery or other kitchen essentials. Of course you want something that looks good and works well, but there’s no point spending hundreds of dollars for things that are going to get lost or taken in apartments over the years, or thrown out later in life. Buy used items at charity stores, and be sure to look in free piles at the end of each year.

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